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    Explore Yellowstone National Park throughout the spring, summer and fall months with Yellowstone Luxury Tours' private, customized tours. Take in the magnificence of Old Faithful or seek out hidden gems. With Yellowstone Luxury Tours, enjoy the comfort of our luxury vehicles and the deep knowledge of our experienced guides. A day with Yellowstone Luxury Tours offers a vacation in Yellowstone that you will remember for a lifetime. Parties up to 5 are comfortably accommodated in our luxury SUVs, starting at $699. Parties of up to 8 are comfortably accommodated in our luxury Mercedes limo van, starting at $799.


    Yellowstone Luxury Tours' Mercedes Sprinter Van at the Gateway to Yellowstone National Park

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    Our tours are customized around the interests of your group.  Whether you are a family with small children, a group of friends ready for an adventure, or simply would like to enjoy the scenic drive, our experienced guides customize an itinerary that shows you the wonders of Yellowstone, the world's first National Park. 

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    Explore the wonders of summer in Yellowstone National Park with a private tour customized to the needs, interests and ambitions of your particular group!  

    Interested in a particular activity or area of interest?  Whether it's wildlife or geology, biking or hiking, we can create a day that will allow you to enjoy all that Yellowstone National Park has to offer!

    Family Fun in Yellowstone National Park with Yellowstone Luxury Tours

    Traveling with family? Keep in mind that our days are customized around your group's particular interests, timeframe and desires - so don't worry about keeping to a set schedule!

    Luxury SUVs (up to 5 passengers) starting at: $699

    Luxury Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (up to 8) starting at: $799

    Luxury Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (9-12 passengers): $844-$1,079

    *This rate is all-inclusive for groups of up to 8 people, with the exception of a 3% resort tax, the park entry fee, and any gratuity you wish to share with your guide. In addition to a complimentary picnic lunch, the rate also includes door-to-door service from any location in Big Sky, Bozeman, West Yellowstone, Livingston or Gardiner.

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    Wondering what a day with Yellowstone Luxury Tours might look like?

    Read on for a sample itinerary, but remember, no need to think of this as set in stone!  The course of the day is set by what you think you might be interested in and by what exciting opportunities come along as the day progresses!

    Kids Playing in Yellowstone National Park
    7:45 A.M.  The trip begins when we collect you from your place of lodging and make our way through the Gallatin Canyon and northwest corner of Yellowstone.  There will be opportunities for coffee and/or restrooms breaks as we make our way to the West Entrance. Find out what prompted the addition of the "Gallatin Corner" to Yellowstone in 1932.


    8:45 A.M.  Enter the West Entrance of Yellowstone National Park! Here we can collect the most recent Yellowstone newspaper, maps, as well as animal identification games for the kids (or the young at heart!). We proceed along the Madison River, stopping for any questions and wildlife viewing. Be sure to watch for buffalo, elk, and the occasional bald eagle along the way...

    9:30 A.M.  Take a walk to the Artists Paint Pots where we can view, and learn about, all four major types of thermal features, geysers, hot springs, mud pots, and fumaroles (steam vents).

    Kids Enjoying Yellowstone Scenery

    10:15 A.M.  We arrive at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.  A variety of stops along the canyon offer views of the canyon, with the famous Upper and Lower Falls, discussion of the massive volcano that shapes the landscape and fuels Yellowstone's 10,000+ thermal features, along with a quiet walk to a secluded waterfall.


    11:15 A.M.  After departing the canyon, we proceed into the wildlife rich Hayden Valley. Bison are often in abundance here, along with a variety of other animals and birds.  So keep your binoculars handy and you may even spot the occasional elk, coyote, bald eagle, grizzly bear, or wolf.  Don't forget to take in the view along the way, even when the animals don't show up, this is a very beautiful part of Yellowstone so enjoy the drive!

    11:45 A.M.  Stop for lunch along the shore of Yellowstone Lake and enjoy the views and the cool breeze that often blows while we have a quiet picnic away from the crowds.

    12:15 P.M.  After lunch, the journey continues with a drive along the shore of Yellowstone Lake and then over the Continental Divide (twice!) to the world famous Old Faithful!

    Picnic Lunch with Yellowstone Luxury Tours

    1:30 P.M.  Once at Old Faithful, we will first get the prediction of the next Old Faithful eruption (which usually occurs every 93 minutes) and adjust our plans from there.  Besides watching Old Faithful, we can also visit the visitor center that has a wonderful kids section including a model working geyser, go to the gift shop for souvenirs and gifts, get some ice cream, or take a walk around the Upper Geyser Basin.

    3:15 P.M.  After watching Old Faithful put on a show, we begin the trek home.  After a stop to take in the view at Midway Geyser Basin, we complete the Lower Loop at Madison Junction and head back out the West Entrance toward Big Sky.

    5:00 P.M.  Arrive at Big Sky just in time to get ready for supper and enjoy the evening reminiscing on the day and the sights that gave rise to the name "Wonderland"!

  • Guides

    Michael Eddy

    Originally hailing from New England, Michael Eddy was drawn to the history and wild nature of Big Sky country nearly 25 years ago. He has been immersed in the Yellowstone ecosystem ever since. As fire fighter for over 10 years, Michael has been a part of many of the fires that have played important roles in and around Yellowstone National Park. Michael is particularly drawn to the historic nature of America's first National Park, and loves to help guests peel away the layers of geologic and social history that surround the park. An animal lover at heart, Michael also enjoys sharing with guests his knowledge of Yellowstone's native wildlife.

    Brett Buonamici

    Brett went to school at Montana State University in Bozeman, MT in 2009 and moved to Washington DC in 2011.  After spending 4 years studying and working in DC, the call of Yellowstone and Big Sky Country lured him back in 2015.  Brett has a background in history and government and has a detailed knowledge of the growth and expansion of Yellowstone and the West.  His newfound passions are the study of geology and earth sciences and has extensive knowledge of the volcanic activity in Yellowstone.  Brett has worked as a ski instructor and race coach at Big Sky and is great with travelers of all ages.  He is very excited to share his passion of Big Sky Country with new Yellowstone explorers this summer!

    Jon Odermann

    As a Montana native and father of five, nature has always been a large part of Jon's life and he works hard at instilling a love for the outdoors in his children.  This is probably why he loves Yellowstone so much!  With its massive landscape, wide diversity of wild life, beautiful scenery, and fascinating geological features, there truly is no other place like it.  Jon's background is in education and he enjoys sharing facts and stories about this unique place.  But Jon always says, "What I love the most is being able to be part of the excitement and joy that people experience when they visit this natural wonderland!"  In short, Jon truly loves Big Sky Country, and always looks forward to sharing it with Yellowstone visitors. 


    Blake Boyd


    Blake is currently a studet at Montana State University and likes to spend his free time in Yellowstone and the other National Parks nearby.  Blake enjoys tracking wildlife, especially the many wolf packs that call Yellowstone home.  He is sure to keep everyone engaged and entertained throughout the day and loves to share his passion of Yellowstone with all Big Sky Country visitors.


    Tina Martineau


    Tina has lived in Montana nearly her whole life and loves to share her experiences and stories with others.  She is a fun guide, great with all ages, and enjoys spending her spare time outside.  With many stories of the area and extensive knowledge of Yellowstone and Montana, Tina will be a great addition to your vacation.


    Seth Schonewill

    Seth moved to Montana from North Dakota several years ago and is happy to call Montana home.  With vast experience in the area of all outdoor activities, Seth is sure to keep groups of all ages engaged throughout the day.  He enjoys spending his free time outside, especially fishing the local rivers, as well as working with the community.  Seth loves to share his knowledge of Big Sky Country with all travelers!


    Derek Draimin

    Derek is a graduate of Montana State University in Bozeman, MT with a degree in Environmental Sciences.  Derek has a wealth of knowledge of all things Yellowstone, and likes to focus on the delicate balance of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.  Derek is great with groups of all sizes and ages, and will be a wonderful addition to your days in Yellowstone.

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    Exploring Nature in Yellowstone National Park
    Yellowstone Luxury Tours specializes in customized, private tours of the natural wonders of Yellowstone National Park throughout the spring, summer and fall months. With us, you can enjoy the freedom of making your own plans, while benefiting from the guidance and knowledge of our experienced, professional tour guides.

    Our tours lead you on an exploration of Yellowstone's amazing geysers and hot springs. Marvel at the richness of Yellowstone's wildlife and relax in the comfort of a private vehicle. Say goodbye to the crowded concession stands and instead enjoy a complimentary picnic lunch served family style under the bright blue skies, while the buffalo graze around you.  

    Parties of up to 5 are comfortably accommodated in our luxury SUVs starting at $699. Parties of up to 8 are comfortably accommodated in our luxury Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van starting at $799, parties of 9-12 add $45 per person.

    Whatever your interests or whims might be, we are happy to accommodate any special wishes or needs you may have. Call us at (888) 684-1167 to ensure your vacation in Yellowstone National Park is the best vacation ever.  Feel free to visit TripAdvisor to read our reviews! 


    To book your perfect day in Yellowstone National Park, please call us at 

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